Riding facilities books

Homes & Horses I

Issue I Riding facilities

The 1st edition shows primarily selected facilities from Germany. In addition, you will find riding facilities from Austria, Spain, Brazil and the USA.

Homes & Horses II

Ausgabe II

The 2nd edition focuses on international riding facilities; from Europe to Asia and the USA. Further German facilities round off the portfolio.

Homes & Horses III

Issue III Riding facilities

In the 3rd edition, the focus is on the tournament mecca Wellington in sunny Florida. There are also facilities from Germany and Turkey to marvel at.

Homes & Horses

Homes & Horses Set

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The passion of the horse. Once you’ve been enchanted by it, you’ll rarely let go. So it’s no wonder that entire families are often behind equestrian sports and horse breeding. Families for whom the love of horses and riding is a way of life that they cultivate and pass on over generations. Full of fascination, tradition and devotion. Often a very special ambience is created in their surroundings. Over the decades, simple farms have been transformed into magnificent riding facilities, estates have been expanded and modernized, or completely new buildings have been constructed with a fascinating appearance. They are all characterized by the handwriting of their inhabitants, which is unique and special each time.

However, they all have one thing in common: a passion for equestrian sports and horse breeding. This passion has also gripped and spurred me on from an early age. So much so that I absolutely wanted to capture and bundle the special atmosphere and flair of all these stud farms and riding facilities. The result is the illustrated book „Homes & Horses“. It presents impressive riding facilities from all over the world, from the North Sea to the edge of the Alps, from sunny California to palm-fringed Florida and from exotic Brazil to hot Spain. Each has its own charm and style, and each is as unique as the dreams of its builders and owners.

This book is also intended to take you, dear reader, on an imaginary journey into the world of beautiful estates. Let yourself be fascinated by ever new details every time you look through it and perhaps even be inspired to ideas for your own riding facilities. Because that’s exactly where the appeal of this book lies: it offers dreamlike impressions over and over again. Browse, discover – but above all enjoy the magnificent pictures. Incidentally, the texts are deliberately kept short so that they can unfold their full impact. And so that the book lives up to its international claim, you will find the accompanying texts in both German and English.

Melanie Utz

Melanie Utz

Portrait Melanie Utz

Editor Melanie Utz, née Distel, grew up on a riding stable herself. Her father Reinhold liked to take her along when he was looking for horses for his sales stable. Then Melanie went on a photo stalk with her mother Mechthild, always on the lookout for special motifs. 
She captured imposing beauty in pictures as well as loving details. And thus laid the foundations for her first work. Even at a young age, she was active as a show jumper up to the highest level. And she was not only passionate about it, but also successful: Two titles as Hessen champion of show jumpers are on her account of success in the saddle, as are victories in Grand Prix competitions. Today, the trained banker lives with her husband Ralf and their two daughters near Heilbronn.

The most beautiful riding facilities captured in books

With „Homes & Horses“ she has now created books that represent an absolute novelty in the world of horse lovers. No other work so skillfully combines opulent images and detailed descriptions. Supported by professional photographers, layouters and copywriters, Utz takes her readers on a wonderful journey to some of the most beautiful riding facilities and stud farms in the world. Fascinating impressions invite the reader to dream and indulge. An atmospheric reading and picture pleasure from the first to the last page – and not only for horse lovers.

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