Portrait von Melanie Utz

Portrait Melanie Utz

Homes & Horses was created to capture some of the finest equestrian sport facilities around the world in pictures. These are equestrian facilities that have an undeniable special appeal and quality about them. Just looking at the atmospheric images evokes inspiration, a sense of curiosity, pleasure and a fair dose of travel excitement. The traditional regional influences of each country and area shine through; as well as the personal signature and hallmarks of the inspired architects responsible for these incredible places.

Beyond the aesthetic pictures, the individual life stories of the people that lived and worked there together lie hidden in each little detail. Their laughs and cries echo from the walls. North or south, all these people are connected by one common factor: their passion for horses and a fine living style. The stories they could tell… Following her passion for these magnificent equestrian facilities, author Melanie Utz has created this volume of Homes and Horses out of a desire to create something lasting, of the highest aesthetical quality.