Homes & Horses

Whoever has been enchanted by this passion will seldom ever be able to get over it. It is thus hardly surprising that in many cases, entire families are engaged in the riding sport and horse-breeding. For these families their love of horses and riding are an attitude towards life, which they have nurtured over generations and will pass on, in turn, filled with fascination, tradition and devotion. It is often the case that a very special ambiance is created within their personal environment. For example, many a simple farmstead has been transformed throughout the decades into a splendid riding facility, the estates have been extended and modernised, or completely new buildings have been constructed with a fascinating visual appearance. They are all imbued by the characteristic style of those who live there, this being inimitable in each case and something very special.

However, they all have one thing in common, and that is stimulation - the passion for riding and horse breeding. My passion, too, was awakened as a child and spurred me on. So much, in fact, that I set my heart on capturing the special atmosphere and flair of all these stud farms and riding facilities by combining them in a book. The result is my illustrated book, "Homes & Horses". It introduces impressive riding facilities from all over the world. Each of them has its own charm and style, and each one is so unique, just as the dreams of their builders and owners.

Both these illustrated books are there to entice you into an imaginary journey to the world of these beautiful estates. Let yourself be constantly fascinated by the ever new details each time you look through them, and perhaps even be inspired for creating your own ideas. For this is exactly where the attraction of these books lies - they offer beautiful impressions, time and time again. Browse through them and discover more – but above all, enjoy the superb pictures. The texts have been purposely kept short so that the pictures can unfold their full effect. And in order for the book to reflect its international ambitions, the accompanying texts are both in German and English.